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Friday, April 22, 2005
Beep Beep ! I got up with a bit of urgency,it was 2 o'clock in the night & I was having a sound sleep when my cell phone woke me up.It was a sms by someone whom I've never known & I curse him/her/them even till today.My pals never send me chain forwarded sms's at 2'o clock in the night.It could be my family but only if it was urgent.In my half awoken eyes which were screaming for sleep I clicked on the yes button on my SE T230,the heading of the message read "Valentine-Wanna take your valentine date on a limo drive?" At this time of the night I whispered to myself?Forget about the time,I dont even have a valentine now. Did I miss something; when I read at the bottom,it was from my cell phone operator-Airtel ! Phew what do you call this? Spam via cell phone? Yep I thought to myself this is the new form of business tactics cell phone operators must be using.I'm not sure though whether its the operator who are rendering these services or advertising for some company.From that day onwards I've occasionally recieved sms's such as "win tickets to a movie,know your future,blah blah ! My question is doesnt this qualify as something equivalent to spam we recieve in our inbox frequently? Sending stuff which I've not requested qualifies as spam as far as I know in the online world & moreover there is nothing mentioned in the form we fill for getting a new connection.My operator calls these services as "value added services" I say hell its crap.I'm fearing this may become a new ground for advertisers apart from the value added services that my operator provides .All in all I will loose sleep if this happens in the near future. Sheesh !! time to makeup for the priceless sleep I will have to sacrifice in future.
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