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EPL Title Race has spiced up

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I'm an avid supporter of Manchester United.My love for the club started immediately after the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final against Bayern Munich,what a classic match it was.Since then I've watched every match I could possibly watch featuring Manchester United in EPL,FA CUP,Champions League..

The last two seasons have been without a doubt dissapointing,especially because we have the strength to play quality football & take on opponents but costly errors at the back,departure of Roy Keane the inspirational man in the centre & injuries to key players like Gabriel Henzie have hampered the Red Devils.So like all teams having their fare share of problems Man Utd had theirs too.But quality teams come back as it has always been with Manchester United,they never give up !

Beginning early Feb-March there was a massive gap between current champions Chelsea & 2nd place Manchester United.The gap was of 18 points.But by winning 9 games in a row & with a couple of slip ups from Chelsea the gap has now been reduced to 7 points with the title holders & Man Utd still to play on the 29th of this month.

Although Chelsea travel to Bolton as well as Blackburn Rovers,IMHO outcome of these two which will decide the winners once for all.

Its my feeling though that though this might be more in Chelsea's favour this sure hots up next season for sure.

Picture taken from www.manutd.com
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12:49 PM

Nice write digs...Hope ManU catches Chelsea before its too late :)
Go Red Devils Go...Kick some Chelsea a$$    

8:55 AM

whoa! this is ubercool! How'd u port this default WP theme here O_o looks amazingly similar!    

1:07 PM

manu drew with the black caps yesterday...so sadd......thr...9 match winning streak gone...

7:00 PM

Yeps saw the match yesterday nite.I'm absolutely gutted but all credit to Sunderland & their goalie.They surely salvaged some pride of their last game.

With this I believe even the slim hope is gone unless Sam does a favour & bolton beats chelsea which to me is highly unlikely.    

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